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Maybe it's the alcohol talking..
..or maybe it's just me. hmmm..
Wish Granted. 
21st-Jul-2008 06:13 am
Okay okay.. So everyone knows about the ERASERHEADS REUNION CONCERT and can I just say that I am (one of) the MOST GIDDIEST, MOST EXCITED, MOST CCCCRRRRAAAZZZYY person ever when I learned about the news?

and when after all the endorphine died down, the next question was, "Saan tayo bibili ng tickets?

a lot of people doesn't know where to get them.. and so I made sure that I surfed the internet for this.. and 'lo and behold, I found out an outrageous news going around..and no one has completely confirmed it yet from ANY of the band members or people close to them..

and look what I found out:

+ Marlboro is the major sponsor of the event
+ Marlboro paid each member of the band 10 MILLION (fookin') pesos for talent fee
+ The tickets..ARE FREE. and they are downloadable in a website that will be announced early August.


Can somebody clear things up for me? I have tons of friends who want to be part of this so-called LEGENDARY and HISTORIC event, and it would be quite unfair if you don't give everyone a chance you know.

Come on, people speak up! :) I'm happy to get some TRUE news. :)
1st-Aug-2008 12:32 am (UTC)
Marlboro ba? Kbabasa ko lang sa dyaryo today that cigarette companies are not allowed to advertise nor sponsor any concert or event because of the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003..
Hmm..dame kalat na balita a..Ang nasagap ko Adidas ang sponsor, and the tickets are free and are thru invites daw ata. It was from my bf's friend's friend part kase siya ng prod ng Reunion..
Hmm..iba ibang balita nu :)
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