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Maybe it's the alcohol talking..
..or maybe it's just me. hmmm..
Making it Come to Life 
23rd-Feb-2009 01:11 am
After all the researching (and still doing it!), I have come to the point where I know that I am ready to make the businesses that I have in mind in full throttle for the next couple of weeks (or months).

Like I said, my new year's resolution would be to NOT waste any of my time into planning and imagining things. I have to make it into reality and I guess now is the time to do so. I can't wait to open the online store already.

Ooooh. Exciting. :)

I know it's going to be a little tough at first but once I get to have everything in place and my co-partners (ahem honey, ahem closest friends) are all behind me on this, I guess it would work out great. GRABE na 'tong PASSION na nararamdaman ko! I want to start it now!

As for the Event Planning and Styling, I've been reading a lot and absorbing all that I could so that I can get all the concepts and the processes right! I just need that one little break for me to make it go BADABING-BADABOOM! and then there goes my dream coming to life.

I guess I have all the things that I need now for the Event Planning and Styling thing. I just really have to organize all my files and documents for future references. :) Grabe, I just have to deal with time management. Ugh. That is really killing me.

I even made a doodle in my planner last week and it said, "SO MANY IDEAS, SO LITTLE TIME and MONEY.." Dang.

Anyway, moving on.. I just don't know why I'm so hyped up with this! I have never been so hyped up in putting up a business in my entire life and this has been giving me a sense of freedom-- freedom of having to do what I really want to do and eventually excelling in them.

Ang dami lang opportunities that I can do with these two businesses.. the imagination and the creativity takes place every time and I can't help but get all bubbly and giddy and.. and.. and.. warm inside. It makes me want to skippity-skip my way to the office. hehe. What more if I ultimately and officially start it?

Ooohh.. this gives me more motivation to work during my day job haha. this is nice!

and oh, the resto's doing well. I have to grab that one important deal with this popular magazine that I have yet to name. I haven't talked to my dad yet this weekend, he's out of town alright. Literally out of the coverage area. baaaaaah. our rest house does seem far away from the city, so bite me. Need to contact him tomorrow morning.

STRESS, Bring it On! thank you for being the good stress that I always want you to be. haha. I don't like you when you're bad.

Anyway, time to sign off for a few hours. The day job needs to be given importance.
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