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Maybe it's the alcohol talking..
..or maybe it's just me. hmmm..
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1st-Oct-2007 04:06 pm - unexpected concert.

Called up Music Museum to ask for tickets.
It was sold out.
Almost trashed the office because of dismay.


Monch called me and said, "ilang tickets kailangan mo?"
and I said I needed three.
and then Monch said, "ilo-love mo ba ako kung mabibigyan kita ng three tickets?"
and I said, "LOVE NA LOVE"
and then he said, "bukas, bibigay ko sa'yo, I was able to get you 3 tickets from the sponsors that will not come tomorrow. Reserve ko na 'to sa'yo ha. Teka, parang ayaw mo ata e, ipo-post ko na lang 'to sa groups.."
and then I said, "Gustogustogustogustogusto" until I ran out of more things to say.


I was there.
We were there.
It was such a fun night because I wasn't even looking forward to watching the Sugarfree concert but then, there I was, savoring every note and every tune.

Sobrang natuwa ako with the lightbulb gimmick. Panalo yun. :D

Pictures, I shall post later.
I love you Ebe, Jal and Kaka (and Mitch and Monch!)
You will forever be my rockstars. :)
23rd-Sep-2007 02:10 pm - boo.
I hate myself for not going to the Fall Out Boy concert.


I had work. Although I enjoyed work.. it's just that.. argh. I never got to see FOB in the flesh. I love FOB as much as all the kids who went to the concert. shooot.

I guess I just have to catch them in another country. hahaha. dream on, kid. dream on.
16th-Sep-2007 03:04 pm - lightbringer, transform and roll out!
..at dahil naBALIW ang MERALCO employees sa TRANSFORMERS the movie, ito ang kinilabasan..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


o ha.

This picture has been going around for awhile now and I think every MERALCO employee has got this in their PC or their cellphones. Sobrang astig lang ng pagka-gawa. Something that makes you proud that you're part of a really big company with lots of talent. hahaha. :D

and so they say, MAY LIWANAG ANG BUHAY. :)
16th-Sep-2007 01:24 pm - *ouch*
I am sick. Yes folks, I am a certified sick person for the past two days. Darn. I was supposed to assist Tita B during the 2nd day of MESALA's SEX (no you dirty mind, it's Service Excellence, NOT the other kind!) seminar yesterday but I was too SICK to get out of bed.

I don't know if it was the food I ate or the lack of it. hahaha. 10 pieces of peanuts and 1/4 cheese stick is not dinner. Must remind myself more often.

Now, I'm still having the shivers, shudders and shitters. I just hope I can be up and about by tomorrow, so that I can focus on memorizing my EPIRA lines. ugh. x(



Idol ko talaga si KC Concepcion.
I am not ashamed of saying that I am a fan.
Napaka-gandang babae and she's cultured and she's smart and she's talented.
She's just everything.
How can someone get so much no?
Grabeng blessed na babae.
I look up to her, as in I admire her.
Really beautiful person inside and out, and in my opinion, that's how every young woman should be. :)


Kelan kaya ako mag-uumpisang mag-aral? :) hehehe. na-excite naman ako.
Culinary Arts at saka HRM! wooohoooo.


VEYBEY, come back..-- bumblebee

hehe. hindi ko alam kung vain lang ako, self-centered at naive pero, sige, hahayaan ko na lang ang shout-out na yan. :P i figured, just maybe. hahaha. but what the heck. hindi ko na lang papansinin. :)

NOTE: my YM and one of my oldest e-mail accounts is yehVEYBEY
12th-Sep-2007 08:20 pm - thoughts.
I feel a bit sad today. I was laughing my head off at work awhile ago, but there's this nagging feeling at the pit of my stomach.

I guess in every person's life, there's always a span of time or a specific day where you can't shake off that glum, dejected feel. No matter how hard you try to enjoy yourself or veer away from thinking about it, you simply can't.


Or maybe.

Or maybe I'm just really averting myself from facing something so raw and so undeniable.

And by way of doing this, I am not able to pinpoint what's making me feel this way.


Nothing really, just talking to myself.


Happy Birthday Jal!

I love you and I miss you.
I hope you had the grandest time today.


Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management. I'm actually eyeing this now. I want to go back to school (and not leave work) and pursue this. I guess it would really be FUN to study this.

I just don't know if I can juggle work and school, but as the cliche goes, if there's a will, there's always a way. :)

I'm really fond of Enderun College, that really posh and high-end school in Wynsum Plaza, Ortigas. Although I know their campus is quite finished at the Fort by this time. The tuition fee might be price-y but heck, with that kind of work environment and curriculum, oh goody, it'll be all worth it.

But I really have to LOVE the course for crying out loud, the KNIFE SET that I have to purchase for my classes (if ever) is around hmmm.. 8 THOUSAND PESOS. hahaha. This is just something that blew me away, I haven't benchmarked with other CA schools such as CCA, Benilde and whathaveyou.

and oh, did i mention that the tuition fee's in DOLLARS? :P

but deym, they offer the best education when it comes to HRM and CA. I mean, THE best.

I really have to think about it though, but this is actually what my heart's telling me to pursue and not some other MA course.

Quite intrigued? Go to http://www.enderuncolleges.com to view the school's website. :) I'm not particularly sure if the URL's correct, if not, you can just Google it up.

I want to work at the Ritz Carlton HK or even at the Burj Al-Arab in Dubai. Libreng mangarap diba?
TATTOO-laden. That's one of the most prominent things that you can make out of him. Aside from the fact that he's a local basketball player and that he dated a showbiz personality sometime ago, the tattoos still stood out.

THIS IS A FUNNY-WEIRD story. I don't know if you can guess who he is, but hey, it's a give-away.

This happened around 3 weeks ago, when I was driving (or basically, RUSHING) to work. I thought it was just an ordinary day. Usually, my day starts when I put down my bag and sit in front of my computer in TSB. So technically, that means when I'm driving to work before 8 AM, it's still not the start of my day. I consider driving as part of my morning routine.

In short, bangag pa. haha. :P

Okay, so here goes my story. I was driving along EDSA one weekday, and as usual, EDSA's packed with vehicles of different shapes and sizes. My iPod's earphone's plugged in my ears and the Eraserheads is playing. Hmm. Same old, same old. While driving and listening to Ely croon (like it was the first time) Ligaya, I was also texting some people. Yes, multi-tasker it is.

I was already on the part of EDSA-Greenhills where you see all those car shops lined up. Yes, the one near the Krispy Kremes billboard. Yes, that's the one. So I was there, minding my own business and thinking of my photofinish (YET AGAIN!) race to beat tardiness. Since it was traffic, I didn't mind much if some vehicles were giving me a hard time. Come on, it's rush hour for pete's sake. It's understandable.

But then I noticed that there was this cab on the right side of my car that was sort of driving at the same pace as I was and that pissed me off because it was just, well, annoying. Please, not this early, I thought.

I never looked at the backseat of the cab at first because I just simply didn't care. Until it was too much to bear that I just had to look at the driver to signal him that I'm getting pissed off at him because the cab's literally eating off my roadspace. LO and BEHOLD friends, instead of meeting the taxi driver's gaze, it was met by SOMEONE ELSE'S.

It's that notorious basketball player and he smiled at me. SMILED. AT. ME.

The first thought that formed inside my head was, "pucha, bakit naka-taxi lang to?"

Anyway, I didn't do anything when he did that. I was just too shocked to do anything. I mean, in EDSA before 8 am. Taxi. basketball player. What the fook. Am I still in my bed? Wake me up, Mom.

When he smiled at me, I jammed my foot on the accelerator and trodded up the fly-over going to Ortigas ave. phew, I said to myself. At least there's no traffic here anymore, at least..

And then the cab's right there again, now it situated on my left side, so talagang, hello, face to face ito. hindi ko kaya.

The cab slowed down a bit and the notorious basketball player, looked at me again and smiled and waved at me.

he fuckin' waved at me.

and I fuckin' waved back before I could even stop myself.

Now, that was pretty weird. Reflex out of control? Or just plain old insanity? Either way, please, just bitchslap me.

This time, the cab zoomed away and I thought, hey, that was something and I almost forgot about it when...

Stoplight right in front of Lopez Building, the cab's there again, STILL with the notorious tattoo-laden basketball player, and yes, the cab was in my way.

The cab was again at my right and using he reliable peripheral vision, I looked at him.. and then I couldn't help but just look at him up front because he was gesturing something to me.


While gesturing, he was mouthing something to me and I had no other choice but to press the window button and say to him from across the road, "what?"

and then he said, "hey, can I get your number?"

and in my head I was like, fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit. but then my mouth said without thinking, "are you serious?"

and then he said, "look at my face. i'm not laughing at you, so come on why don't you give me your number?"

Green light. fuck. cab's on my way. photofinish. tardiness rule. If i don't give my number, I don't get to move. expletive expletive expletive some more.

With no other possible choice, I just gave the damn number. He smiled so broadly, showing his pearly white teeth that for awhile I thought the sun was shining directly in front of my face. aw, too white.

He gave me a call less than a minute later and introduced himself. I was like, yeah, of course I know you. You're all over the showBUZZ news for quite sometime. He asked for my name and where I work. Unselfishly I told him.

and then before he hang up he said, "I like your car. You're like this little fast and the furious girl huh."

yeah. little fast and the furious girl. great.

fast and the furious girl. hah. r-r-r-r-ight.

For two days he kept on calling and texting me, but I got scared. I was not interested at all. I just had to give my number just to get it over with.

When he sort of got a little pissed, he texted me, "Hey cutie, you gave me your number but you don't want to answer my calls. Isn't that a bit rude sweetie?"



I gathered up all my courage and texted back saying that it was a mistake that I gave my number and that I wasn't at all interested.

His simple reply was, AYT.

and after that, he never bothered me again. Good boy.

To abruptly end, I can't believe I actually blew off a notorious basketball player. He's gorgeous and all but NOOOOOOO. With the track record that he has, I guess I'm smart enough to know that he's sooooo not boyfriend material.

That was one hell of a weekday morning, don't you agree? :)


I cannot believe it.

I just can't face the fact that Harry Potter's over.
I only finished book 7 this afternoon. I could've read that in a week's time or so, but heck, I literally made it a point to read it slowly, to chew and digest every bit of word, sentence, paragraph of the Deathly Hallows.

The moment I closed the book this afternoon, I felt pangs of so many emotions, but most of it was sadness. Maybe because I treated Harry as a companion all these years. I felt as if he truly existed and I was this outsider looking in to his world. Yes, Big Brother style if you may.

His world became my world, and I guess millions of people felt that too. I just can't get over the feeling that there's nothing more after the Deathly Hallows. There's nothing to look forward to anymore. It stops there.

It's as if I lost someone truly special and I know he would never come back or that I would never hear from him again.

Yes, I am too attached with the Harry Potter series.
Is it not too obvious for you?

Too much drama, I know. I can re-read books 1 to 7 one billion times if I want to, but still.

The only remedy that I can do now while I'm at the stage of denial, I still have the luxury of waiting for the 2 movies to come out. Goodness, I've been imagining the Deathly Hallows movie to be über-awesome.

I love you Harry, and the only thing left for me to do is to take part on your journey again.. let's take you back to the time when you were about to turn 11 shall we?

29th-Jul-2007 07:20 pm - late na yata nagsimula...
Siguro nga late bloomer ako.

Dati rati, parati kong tinatanong sa nanay ko, "ma, pangit ba ako?" . ang sagot naman ng mabutihing ina, "hindi anak ha. napakaganda mo.". at dahil doon, naniwala naman ako.

mali pala.


eh hindi, nagpaniwala ako sa pinagsasabi ng nanay ko sa akin. kaya hindi ko naisipang tingnan ang sarili ko at ma-examine ang totoo.

wala kasing nagkakagusto sa akin nung high school ako. parang, wala lang. ako si ako. nakakatawang kaklase, mabait na kaibigan, pwede lapitan kahit kailan.

hindi ako si sikat na babae, magandang kaklase, o si girlfriend material na classmate.

ako si Gem. Mataba. Masayahin. Magulo.

Buti na lang nung magde-debut na ako, at gusto ko ng isang engrandeng debut ay kinausap ko ang aking ama. sabi ko, "daddy, gusto ko ng debut.. yung naka gown ako tapos naka-formal lahat, tapos sasayaw tayo.."

Siguro yung nga ang pinagkaiba ng nanay ko sa tatay ko. Ang tatay ko, straight to the point. Wala siyang pakeelam kung masasaktan niya ang dadamin ko kung yun naman ang totoo. Kahit anak niya ako, ginawa parin niyang sabihin ang totoo.

alam mo ba kung anong sabi ng tatay ko sa akin?

"gusto mo ng debut na engrande eh ang TABA TABA MO, magpapayat ka muna!"

aray. bibigyan daw ako ng debut kung magpapapayat daw ako. o diba. ako pa? kaya ko yun basta engrandeng debut lang ang habol ko.

siguro blessing din na sinabi ng tatay ko sa akin yun, kasi kung hindi niya iminulat sa akin na mataba ako at hindi siya kaaya-aya, eh malamang hanggang ngayon ganon parin ako.

sa awa ng Diyos, 3 months after ay pumayat din ako. napaka ganda ng debut gown ko at nagulantang ang lahat ng makita ako. hindi daw nila akalain na ganon ang magiging itsura ko kung pumayat ako.

ngayon, hindi ko na kailangan pang tanungin sa nanay ko kung maganda ako...

may mga nagsasabi na nun para sa akin.

at hindi ko din akalain na may mga magkakagusto sa akin ng ganito. akala ko forever na akong magiging Mataba. Masayahin. Magulo sa mata ng mga kalalakihan.

enjoy pala pag hindi lang ganon ang tingin sayo.. :P
22nd-Jul-2007 02:10 pm - The DLSU Brochure
Oh dear.

This is exciting!

April Borbon, one of my batchmates in DLSU, told my best friend, Soc, that we are PART of the DLSU admissions brochure (part of the application kit)!

As in the photo was taken at the SJ walk and we were laughing daw.


hahaha! ayos! SIKAT ito! :P
15th-Jul-2007 10:08 am - chika?
Is it true that Champ Lui Pio and Bianca King are an item? I don't have any idea what's going on anymore! hahaha. Can someone please enlighten me? :D

haha. Naki-chismax daw ba muna bago umalis papuntang Bataan to celebrate my kuya's birthday. :P
15th-Jul-2007 09:39 am - express padala
Nakakatuwa. Last week nakatanggap ako ng package galing kay Donna (I prefer to call her Wudrew actually). Nasa beautiful place of Palawan kasi siya ngayon. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, 2 buwan na siya doon. Kailangan daw niya ng bakasyon sa labas ng siyudad. Masyadong magulo, masyadong mabilis, sino nga naman kaya ang hindi mapapagod? At syempre, namimiss na niya ang pamilya niya, hindi maipagkakaila yun. Kung sabagay, 4 na taon din dito ang aking kaibigan, tatlong taong nagaaral at mahigit isang taon ding nagtrabaho.

Babalik na siya ulit dito ng 2nd week of August. Lahat sa barkada excited sa pagdating niya. Loka kasi 'tong babaeng to e. Masarap kasama, nakakatawa, malambing at very open-minded. Naging close kami nung 1st year college, at talagang obvious na, "same wavelength" kaming dalawa.

Teka, parang napapalayo ata ako sa dapat kong sasabihin.

Yun nga, namiss ko siya, lumabas ang bagong libro ni Bob Ong na MacArthur at dahil alam kong wala sa Palawan nito, eh ako na ang nagkusang padalhan siya, kahit hindi niya sinasabi. Natuwa naman, nagtatatalon ata, hindi ko alam, basta ang alam ko, pagka text niya sa akin, parang nasa tabi ko lang siya dahil ramdam ko ang tuwa.

Wala naman akong sinabing bigyan yun ng kapalit. Hindi naman ako ganong tao, kaya nagulat na lang ako ng biglang may dumating na package na nakabalot sa matibay na plastic ng LBC (Hari ng Padala) ng umuwi ako isang gabi.

May sulat si Donna sa akin, mahaba, nakakatuwa at masarap basahin. Pero ang pinaka natuwa ako sa lahat ay ang mga binigay niya sa akin na kasama ng sulat na iyon.

At yun ang gusto kong ibahagi sa iyo. :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ito nga pala yung tinatawag nilang Dream Catchers. Sabi nila (ewan ko kung sino talaga yung nila), pag nanaginip ka daw, sinasala nito yung mga bad at good dreams. yung mga good dreams lumulusot sa mga butas at yun lang ang mapapanaginipan mo, at ang mga bad dreams? hindi nakakapasok sa mga butas at sumasabit lang sa net nito. Totoo kaya?

Pero hindi lang yan ang astig, siguro kasi, maganda din siyang tignan. Magandang pagmasdan dahil sa magandang kulay at ayos nito.

At syempre, mas astig kasi galing kay Donna at binili niya ito sa beautiful place of Palawan. Salamat ha? Mahal kita. :)
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